Sights of Iran

Pasargadae, northeast of Shiraz

The capital of Cyrus the Great's Achaemenid Empire, sometime around 550 BC, lies about 130 kilometers northeast of the city of Shiraz. This complex is known for its most famous monument, the tomb of Cyrus, but it also includes the prison of Solomon and the Pasargadae palace and citadel. "This is a very important monument, as it is relates to one of the most famous Persian emperors," says Ganji. "For this reason I've always wanted to immortalize the place at its best, under a star-filled sky." "The Milky Way is only visible on certain summer evenings where the sky is clear and there's no moon. "Normally, no one is permitted to enter Pasargadae, so as well as finding the perfect time and moment, I also had to obtain various permits to take this photo." Pasargadae, 54 mi (87 km) NE of Persepolis, Shiraz Iran;