Sights of Iran

Eram Gardens, Shiraz

One of the most famous historical gardens in Iran, these grounds and the building within them were built in the mid-13th century, but renovated 600 years later. Eram owes its fame and importance to botanical gardens that are home to a variety of unique and rare plants. "As I walked into the gardens, the first thing I noticed was the positive energy emanating from the place due to its green and colorful surroundings," Ganji says. "It wasn't just the plants. The grand building also had me in awe due to the vast range of colors and patterns used and its unique architecture. "More striking was the lake feeding small streams that water the gardens. "I tried to find a way to capture the building and its surrounding trees, and their reflection in the lake. In order to enhance the light and color of the scene, I took the photo during sunset." Eram Garden, Eram Blvd, Shiraz Iran;