Winning 4 medals by the Iranian team at the International Biology Olympiad

The team of Iran students in the 29th International Biology Olympiad won two gold medals, one silver and one bronze.

The closing ceremony of the 29th Olympiad of International Biology was held with the presence of elite biology students from 70 countries with the presence of the Minister of Education, the Vice President of Science and Technology of the President and the introduction of the winners at the Iran International Conference Center.

Dr. Sourena Sattari, the Vice President of Science and Technology at the ceremony, expressed that" the history of scientific Olympiads shows that we have a huge potential in the field of human resources in Iran", adding that "knowledge economy is one of the main economic pillars of Iran in the future".

 Deputy Minister of Education Ali Allahyar Turkman also cited that "Iran has become a member of the Biology Olympiad since 1999 and has since won 72 medals and four diplomas". He said that," the Iranian team appeared with power this year and 64 elite teachers attended the event".

Fatemeh Mohajerani, the head of the National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents and Young scholars also by stating that" Iran was hosting the 2018 biology Olympiad as a cradle of civilization and peace", she expressed "According to the President's order to establish Olympiad for Stem Cells and Reconstruction Medical, We are announcing our readiness".

She added: "We hosted guests respecting the laws of the Islamic Republic".

Parmida Sadat Pezeshki and Nikan Amirkhani won gold medals, Sara Mohammadi won silver medal and  Mehdi Mansoor with the bronze medal were winners of our country in International Biology Olympiad.