rules and syllabus

In July 2016 (IBO General Assembly in Hanoi) the IBO gained a legal structure, as a non-profit association (under the German law). 
Here are the Statutes ("Articles of Association") approved of by the General Assembly: 
 IBO Statutes ("Articles of Association") v. 4.1 (PDF, 15 August 2016)

Here are the Regulations of the competition
 IBO Regulations Guide edition 27.0, approved by the 2015 General Assembly (valid for IBO 2016) 

As there are overlaps between the existing IBO Regulations Guide 27.0 and the Articles of Association, a new version of the IBO Guide is proposed, to be approved of by the General Assembly: 
 IBO Regulations Guide 27.1 proposal (July 2016)

Last but not least: 
 Guidelines for the Host Country